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Curiosity is innate to all of us. For young learners, the immediate physical world of animate and inanimate objects and their working presents a case of awe and complexity. This theme of the program will help students have hands-on experimentation and tinkering to gain a deeper understanding of science concepts driving the everyday world that they experience. Some of disciplines covered in the modules of this theme will include Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
  1. Programming
  2. Building Apps
  3. Building websites

This series is available from grades 1 to 12. Students can choose any of the modules appropriate to their grade ranges.

Grade Levels

Level 01
(Grades 1 to 3)
Level 02
(Grades 4 to 5)
Level 03
(Grades 6 to 8)
Level 04
(Grades 9 to 12)