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The world today is an intricate and interconnected global village, and living in it requires us to go beyond the confines of our own family, town state and country, and to understand and appreciate diversity around us. The modules under this broad theme will enable students to understand the society they live in and beyond, as well as the various cultures, geographies, art and literature and ways of living in the world. Some of the modules within this theme will include:
  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Literature and Mythology

This series is available from grades 1 to 12. Students can choose any of the modules appropriate to their grade ranges.

Grade Levels

Level 01
(Grades 1 to 3)
Level 02
(Grades 4 to 5)
Level 03
(Grades 6 to 8)
Level 04
(Grades 9 to 12)