AppTech Innovators

An App Development Camp

Grades 6 – 8 (Ages 11 – 13)

Welcome aboard, Creya’tors and Curious MeerKats! The Summer of Discovery Camps are your passport to set sail on a voyage of imagination, creativity, and hands-on learning, all at the fascinating and innovative environs of T-Works! 

AppTech Innovators is a camp for inquisitive and adventurous youngsters from Grades 6 – 8 (Ages 11 – 13) enthusiastic about app development. From event reminders to attendance trackers and communication aids, campers will explore app development diving into coding concepts like variables and functions as well as the creative art of UI & UX design. Campers gain a comprehensive understanding of app development, from conceptualization to design and implementation, preparing them for future endeavours in technology and innovation.

Camp Activities

Event Reminder App

In this activity, campers explore productivity apps by developing their own Event Reminder application that helps users save and get reminded of their scheduled events for the day. Campers will learn key coding concepts and UI/UX design elements to enhance user experience.

Attendance App

Campers create an Attendance App that marks the attendance of event attendees with a photo, time, and date and in the process appreciate the importance of accuracy and efficiency in app development, focusing on practical utility and ease of use.

Messaging App

Campers build a Messaging App, focusing on facilitating easier communication between users focusing on intuitive UI/UX design for seamless user interaction.

Integrated Challenge

Campers will tackle a challenge to merge the functionalities of the Event Reminder and Attendance app features, fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking for a cohesive application serving more users.

Capstone Project

For their final project, Campers designed an Exploration App for the differently-abled tourists, combining coding fundamentals with advanced UI/UX design to create an app that offers help to the challenged to explore places that they may not physically be able to travel to.

Skills & Concepts

Camp Takeaways

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