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Costs & Projections


The MeerKats program is an after-school offering from Creya Learning & Research, India's leading organization for pioneering work in Skill development, STEM Education, Digital Learning, Design Thinking and 21st Century Education (Annexure 1: About Creya).

The aim of the MeerKats program is to provide today's generation of children an opportunity to practice and develop skills like Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Leadership, Creativity, Risk Taking and Innovation.

Designed to develop curiosity and excitement towards learning, the MeerKats program consists of hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Digital Arts modules for K-12 children, and provides them an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts learned in classrooms to solve real world problems. The program comes with over 100 hours of deeply researched hands-on curriculum, a flexible, modular implementation model, a mobile material kit, over 80 hours of end-to-end training, and personalised support.

MeerKats is looking for a sustainable way to reach and engage a large number of children in India in hands-on problem solving activities beyond school hours. We are offering a franchising opportunity to those interested in contributing to their community by enabling children to develop relevant and necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century.


  1. What is the MeerKatsProgram all about?
  2. The MeerKatsProgram is an after-school program designed to develop curiosity and joy of learning in school-going children. The program introduces students to different aspects of the 21st century world, and, by using several tools, helps children develop skills like critical thinking, risk-taking, collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, thus enabling them to connect and apply their classroom learning to real-life problems. The program has been created by CreyaLearning & Research, whose experiential curriculum has been delivered to over 50,000 school students across the country. Click here for more information.
  3. Why is MeerKats reaching out to you?
  4. MeerKatsis looking for a sustainable way to reach the maximum number of children in India and provide them the opportunity to engage in hands-on problem solving using the latest STEM and Digital Arts technology during after-school hours. We are looking for partners who are excited about taking this forward. Looking to contribute? We have something interesting for you!
  5. What kind of people are we looking for?
  6. We are looking for:
    • People who are passionate about reaching a well researched, skill-based and tool-based curriculum to
      children in their community
    • People who are in the education sector, have the space and infrastructure for classes, have an
      established network, and are looking for partners
    • People who are passionate about education and want to run an education business
  7. What ages has the program been designed for?
  8. The MeerKatsprogram has been designed for children of ages 7 to 13. The program has 3 levels:
    • Level 1: Ages 7 -9
    • Level 2: Ages 10 -11
    • Level 3: Ages 12 –13
    • Level 4: Ages 14 –15
  9. What all will I need to run the program?
    • You can invest in the program, get trained, and deliver it at multiple locations yourself
    • If you have classroom space, you can get trained and run the program in that space
    • If you have classroom space & teachers, you can get your teachers trained and run the program
  10. Can the program be delivered at different locations?
  11. Absolutely. Our kit is designed to be flexible and mobile. It can be transported to different centres –giving you the flexibility to hold classes at various locations in after-school hours, and even to hold classes in schools during school hours!
  12. What does after-school mean?
  13. The MeerKatsprogram is an after-school program. We define after-school hours as:
    • 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM on weekdays
    • 9:00 AM to 7 PM on weekends
    • School holidays (more than two consecutive days)
    • Winter Vacations / Summer Vacations
  14. What do interested people need to invest?
  15. Refer to the Proposal Document for more details about how we can partner. Refer to For these details, Please call: 8897462415 or for more details about the investment required to run the program.
  16. What kind of revenue will the program generate?
  17. Running 6 batches at half-strength (10 students per batch) for 6 months at a minimum cost of Rs. 1500 per module will generate a revenue of Rs. 5,40,000. In order to keep this simple at the beginning, we are not including major additional revenue opportunities such as delivering in schools during day time or summer camps + other holiday camps.
    The first and foremost goal is to kick-start marketing in order to maximise student registrations.
  18. What is the curriculum like?
  19. Our curriculum is modular. Each theme has several modules within it, and each module lasts for 8 hours. Based on the theme and the concept covered, different tools are used in different modules. Regardless of the module, children build/create/do something in evert session. Refer to Click here for more information.
  20. How do I begin implementing the program?
  21. Based on your requirements, there are several ways in which you can implement this program. Refer to Annexure 6: MeerKatsImplementation, for more details.

1. Proposed Partnership

2. Costs

3. Revenue Projection

Projections vary based on the fee structure the edupreneur chooses. However, in order to give an idea of projected revenues, the following can be considered:

Processing around 360 students for half a year at minimum fee will lead to a revenue of Rs.5,40,000. It is to be noted that the MeerKats kit can be used to process over 700 students.