Summer Circuitry

An Electronics Camp

Grade 4 - 5 ( Age 9 - 10)

Welcome aboard, Creya’tors and Curious MeerKats! The Summer of Discovery Camps are your passport to set sail on a voyage of imagination, creativity, and hands-on learning, all at the fascinating and innovative environs of T-Works! 

Summer Circuitry is a camp for inquisitive and adventurous youngsters from Grades 4 – 5 (Ages 9 – 10)  is an that sparks curiosity and light ups their imagination with early Electronics! As campers dive into the exciting world of electronic circuits and components, LEDs shine bright and darkness detection circuits come to life. In this electrifying adventure, campers take on the challenge of building a home lighting system and exploring the real-time applications of sound and touch sensors.

Camp Activities

LDR Circuit Exploration

Campers explore the world of electronic circuits by constructing simple circuits to illuminate LEDs and detect darkness using transistors and Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs), understanding their fundamental principles.

Touch Sensors

The hands-on activities involve building circuits with touch sensors, gaining insight into their real-time applications and figuring out their utility in addressing real-world challenges

Home Lighting System

As part of a challenge, campers design and develop a home lighting system integrating sound and touch sensors, fostering problem-solving skills.

Security Alert System

In the culmination project, campers design a Security Alert System, integrating sound and touch sensors, applying their learning to tackle real-life security concerns, and present their solution.

Skills & Concepts

Camp Takeaways

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✱ Does not include lunch or transportation


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