3D Design

Architectural Ambassadors

Grades 5 – 7 (Ages 10 - 12)

Welcome aboard, Creya’tors and Curious MeerKats! The Summer of Discovery Camps are your passport to set sail on a voyage of imagination, creativity, and hands-on learning, all at the fascinating and innovative environs of T-Works! 

Architectural Ambassadors is a camp for inquisitive and adventurous youngsters from Grades 5 – 7 (Ages 11 – 13) that explores the intersection of history, architecture, and technology. Campers use 3D Design tools to design and create ancient monuments and structures such as an obelisk or a town hall fit for a king, and maybe even decoding the secrets of a temple pyramid. Finally, campers are challenged to design a monument that tells a tale of a historic event or design a fortress to withstand the trials of war. By the end, campers will not only have a portfolio of their own digital architectural wonders but also a deeper understanding of the monumental steps humanity has taken through history, represented in stone and mortar.

Camp Activities

Bootcamp and Obelisk

A bootcamp introduces to campers essential 3D design software and tools before they dive into the ancient world by designing an obelisk. They learn about its historical significance and architectural features, applying basic 3D modelling techniques to bring the digital obelisk to life.

Town Hall and Temple Pyramid

Campers expand their architectural portfolio by designing two cornerstone structures of ancient civilization: a town hall and a temple pyramid. In the process, they also discover the architectural intricacies and societal roles of these structures, enhancing the models with complex hollow and solid 3D design techniques.


Campers engage in a creative challenge to design a visually compelling monument commemorating a specific historical event that encourages deep thinking about the role of monuments in preserving and honouring history.


As a capstone project, campers will focus on designing a structure to serve a critical role during times of war. This challenges them to think about architecture as a means of protection, strategy, and support and do research about historical precedents.

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