Eco Explorers

Grade 1 - 4 (Age 6 - 9)

Welcome aboard, Creya’tors and Curious MeerKats! The Summer of Discovery Camps prepare you to embark on a brick-static voyage of imagination, creativity, and hands-on learning, all at the fascinating and innovative environs of T-Works! 

EcoExplorers is a camp for inquisitive and adventurous youngsters from Grades 1 – 4 (Ages 6 – 8) to dive into a summer adventure where tiny hands tackle big ideas! In this Camp, creativity meets conservation in the heart of nature’s playground as they dive into the world of resource management, with a special focus on the powerful trio: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Imagine crafting your own miniature forests and designing furniture, all while learning how the world around us works wonders with resources. Our little environmentalists will discover how everyday items are made, the role nature plays in our lives, and how we can give back to the planet by efficiently managing our resources.

Camp Activities

Build a Forest

Our young Camper environmentalists will put their knowledge into action by constructing their very own forest. This activity emphasizes the significance of natural resources and challenges them to think about how they can protect and preserve nature.

Fancy Furniture + Build a Reusable Cup

Campers will unleash their creativity by designing furniture made from the forest built the previous day. Then, they craft a reusable cup, a hands-on activity that fosters creativity and a sense of reducing plastic use.


Campers discover the power of waste management as they transform a brick juice carton into a masterpiece. By the end of the session, they will identify items that can be reduced, recycled, or reused, as a first to champion sustainability in their communities.

Treasure out of Trash

The ‘Treasure out of Trash’ challenge invites campers to think outside the box and create something valuable from materials considered as waste. This activity encourages critical thinking and creativity, highlighting the endless possibilities of recycling.

Challenge: Pick Your R

In this culminating challenge, Campers pick their favorite R – Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle – and embark on a project that best represents their chosen principle. This task allows them to apply everything they’ve learned throughout the camp.

Skills & Concepts

Camp Takeaways

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