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i3 for College

Intro to Industry & Innovation for Undergrad Students

As high-schoolers begin their journey as a budding engineer whether in computer science or civil engineering and anything in between, the pressing question one should ask is, “What is Engineering?” One would be surprised to know that any systematic approach to designing systems, processes, and objects to meet human needs, about ‘making things happen’ is Engineering.

In an era of fast paced technological changes and interdisciplinary projects in the industry, it’s crucial to not only develop an engineering skillset but also an entrepreneurial mindset. The i3 Program for College is just about the bootcamp to get started onto the path of an entrepreneurial engineer where one gets to ideate, design and prototype.

Brought to you by Creya, India’s pioneering leader in STEM Learning & Design Thinking, in partnership with T-Works, India’s largest Prototyping Centre, The i3 Program for College provides you an early hands- on exposure to multiple cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics, IoT, 3D Design, Databots to demystify

them and help you see their applications as well. Students will go through the Design Thinking Cycle and Pitch deck preparation as well as work on large scale rapid prototyping tools such as CNC Milling, Laser Cutters, Welding, Woodshop and Ceramics that can help you get your hands dirty and make you a real engineer.

And finally the make-a-thon capstone is a hackathon that combines physical computing where you get to prototype a solution for the real world and present it to peers and a Jury culminates the learning process. This rich experience and learnings ensure you are equipped to make the best use of your 4 year journey as an entrepreneurial engineer.

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Program Outcomes

Hands-On Experience

Participate in boot camps, guided projects, and application scenarios using tools like Robotics, IoT, Drones , 3D Printers, CNC Milling and Laser Cutters.

Exploratory Research

Investigate how these technologies address real-world problems in various fields, aligning with your interests and career goals.

Collaboration and Communication

Work alongside a motivated cohort of peers, developing essential skills for industry success.

Working Environment Exposure

Experience a dynamic real-world work environment by interacting with innovators, makers, designers, and creya’tors.

Real-World Problem Solving

Develop an interdisciplinary prototype to solve a real-world problem and present your solution in a pitch deck to peers and mentors.


Learn how ideas are evaluated to prototype and present to industry experts through exposure to Design Thinking, basics of Pitch deck preparation and availability of incubation centres, their support and resources available for startups first-hand.

Program Activities Overview

Day 1: Hi-Tech Manufacturing:

Explore the Mechatronics (Engineering Design) kit, and build models to understand engineering concepts such as Power Transmission, Energy Transfer, and Mechanical Advantage.

Work with industry-grade manufacturing tools like CNC Milling machines and Laser cutters at T-Works.

Day 2: Robotics and Automation:

Get familiar with Robotics: motors, controllers, and the sensors used. Learn to program them and explore real-life applications through projects.

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Day 3: Smart Automation:

Dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) and its potential for managing interconnected systems. See in action T-Works Electronics Lab’s Soldering and Welding machines in action.

Day 4: Emerging Technologies:

Investigate and work hands-on emerging technologies like Databots, and AI, and explore their real-world applications. See in action T-Works 3D Design & Print machines in action.

Day 5: Entrepreneurship & Engineering:

The students will be introduced to the process of packaging a pitch deck and the basics that go into evaluating an idea for business. The idea is to spark the innovation and entrepreneurship mindset in the Engineer.

They will then dive deep into Design Thinking through which we will get them to think and pick up a problem that they want to solve and work in groups to ideate and design at a high-level. This is the problem they will design and prototype for the next two days as part of the maker hackathon. See in action T-Works Wood shops machines in action

Day 6 & 7:The Maker Hackathon, Prototyping & Presentation:

The program culminates with students developing an interdisciplinary prototype to solve a real-world problem, presenting their learning journey and solution to peers, and receiving a certificate of training completion from T-Works and Creya.

Target Audience

1st, 2nd Year students of Engineering / Degree College students from all streams


  • Option 1 : 7 Days, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Option 2 : 14 Days, 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM on Monday to Saturday | 10 AM – 4 PM on Week 2 Sunday

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