i3 Program

Introduction to Industry & Innovation

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Explore Your Future Hi-Tech Career Paths

As students journey through the exciting years of High School, the question that haunts them is, “What’s Next?”. Given that we live in an era of Hi-Tech Engineering and Industrial Innovations, it’s essential for students to get a head-start with an exposure to the various technologies and how they define today’s innovations and tomorrow’s industry. Getting up and close to technology demystifies it to them and helps them make better decisions about college disciplines and careers. Access, exposure and training to cutting-edge technologies such as Laser Cutters, Robotics, IoT and their real-life applications can kickstart their journey of curiosity and imagination.

The i3 Program: Introduction to Industry and Innovation

Brought to you by Creya, India’s pioneering leader in STEM Learning & Design Thinking, in partnership with T-Works, India’s largest Prototyping Centre, the i3 Program is a first of-its-kind, 2-week immersive hands-on exposure and training program designed for high-schoolers eager to explore and understand the practical applications of various technologies and tools in used that are driving the innovation in the industry today.

Under the mentorship of Creya Coaches and T-Works Makers, the program blends exploratory research and hands-on workshops using hi-tech tools from the Creya STEM Lab and T-Works facilities. It will help inspire students design, innovation, and maker skills and help them think of different projects where they can apply tool and technologies learnt.

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Program Outcomes

Hands-On Experience

Introductory boot camps, guided projects and application scenarios of different tools and technologies such as Robotics, IoT, Drones, 3D Printers & Laser Cutters

Exploratory Research

Investigate how these technologies can solve real-world problems in different fields, specifically their intended field, domain of interest, or career.

Collaboration and Communication

Work alongside a motivated cohort of peers, learning to think, collaborate, and communicate effectively essential for success in industry.

Working Environment Exposure

Get an immersive experience of a throbbing real-world work environment interacting and observing innovators, makers, designers and Creya’tors.

Portfolio Development

Culminate the industry and innovation training with a report and a presentation to peers highlighting experiences and skills gained in the learning journey.

Program Activities Overview

As part of the industry and innovation training program, students get an introduction to design and prototyping tools and see how an innovator or entrepreneur’s idea can take shape as a prototype before mass production and commercialisation in the industry.

1. Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Explore the FT Mechatronics kit and its various engineering components like gears, pulleys, wheels, spindles, and girders. They build different models to understand engineering concepts such as Power Transmission, Energy Transfer, Mechanical Advantage. They then get to see in action of some the industry-grade hi-tech manufacturing enablers of T-Works like CNC Milling machines, Laser cutters and engravers.

2. Robotics and Automation

Explore FT Robotics, get acquainted with the motors, controllers and sensors used in robotics and how to program them, and explore real-life applications

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3. Smart Automation

Explore the world of SMART everything by learning Internet of Things (IoT) tools and technologies and harnessing their innovation potential for managing a wireless interconnected world. They then get to see the soldering, ‘pick and place’ machines of the T-Works Electronics Lab.

4. Emerging Technologies

Explore some of the emerging technologies like Drones & Databots and AI as well checking out some simple real-world applications of these technologies.

The industry and innovation training culminates with students presenting their learning journey reports to peers and receiving the certificate of training completion from T-Works and Creya.

Target Audience

Completed Grade 8 and above, intending to pursue / explore careers in STEM, Science, Technology or at the intersection of Technology and Design / Humanities.



INR 15,000 + Taxes. Covers costs of the mentors, consumables, equipment charges.

Does not include lunch or transportation


12 Days / 7 Hours a day / Mon-Sat
2 Weeks / 9:00AM – 4:00PM

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