Robotics Rodeo

Grade 5 - 7 (Ages 10 - 12)

Welcome aboard, Creya’tors and Curious MeerKats! The Summer of Discovery Camps are your passport to set sail on a voyage of imagination, creativity, and hands-on learning, all at the fascinating and innovative environs of T-Works! 

Robotics Rodeo is a camp for inquisitive and adventurous youngsters from Grades 5 – 7 (Ages 9 – 10), who aspire to be future robot wranglers.  Campers explore the fascinating world of robotics filled with gears and how motors power their mechanical bodies and moves. Campers build their very own explorer bot, a wheeled robotic vehicle learning to control them using Controllers and Apps.

Camp Activities

TXT Robotics Bootcamp

Campers dive into the heart of robotics while discovering the fundamentals of robot mechanics and the importance of motors. They learn how the TXT Controller serves as the brain behind every robot’s operation.

Centrifuge Ride

Campers get to build their very own explorer bots (Wheeled Rovers) and delve into the mechanics of wheeled robotic vehicles using the RoboPro Coding app to program the TXT Controller to manoeuvre the robot in thrilling ways.

Switch Control

Campers understand the intricacies of controlling motors getting into the nitty-gritties of and the ins and outs of power and speed, gaining a deeper understanding of robot mechanics.


In the ultimate challenge, campers put their newfound skills to the test designing and building an innovative Robot with a practical real-world application and in the process let their creativity run wild.

Skills & Concepts

Camp Takeaways

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*Does not include lunch or transportation


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