T3 - Trip To T-Works


Welcome aboard to the T3 Program, your passport to a day visit to T-Works, India’s largest prototyping center. Designed for students as a quick tour to the facilities of T-Works, the 4-hour activity involves getting an exposure to what ‘making’ is all about, cool machines like Laser Cutters, 3D Printers, Robots and the innovations like Bio-degradable planters to Drones and UAVs. It’s not all just seeing as visitors but students also get to try a hands-on activity giving them a first-hand exposure to the culture of making and innovating. Be ready to be inspired.


The tentative 3-hour agenda will likely cover below


Schools can arrive between 9 AM – 10 AM based on their schedule/transport convenience. Trip duration of 3 hours starts on arrival.


Recommended Age groups

Grades 5 – 12 | Batch size: 30 – 120
Teachers to accompany

Pricing / Student

INR 500 + Taxes / Student


School to arrange transport and snacks


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