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Why Meerkats?

Program Structure

What is MeerKats?

MeerKats is an after-school offering from Creya Learning & Research, India's leading organization for pioneering work in Skill development, STEM Education, Digital Learning, Design Thinking and 21st Century Education.

Watch this VIDEO to learn more about the MeerKats after-school activity club.

The aim of the program is to provide today's generation of children an opportunity to practice and develop skills like Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Leadership, Creativity, Risk Taking and Innovation.

Designed to develop curiosity and excitement towards learning, the MeerKats program consists of hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering (STEM) and Digital Arts modules for K-12 children, is delivered by trained coaches and provides children an opportunity to engage in Project Based Learning by applying theoretical concepts learned in classrooms to solve real world problems. The program comes with over 100 hours of deeply researched hands-on curriculum, a flexible, modular implementation model, a mobile material kit, over 80 hours of end-to-end training, and personalised support.

MeerKats is looking for a sustainable way to reach and engage a large number of children in India in hands-on problem solving activities beyond school hours. We are offering a franchising opportunity to those interested in contributing to their community by enabling children to develop relevant and necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century.

meerkats overview


Why Meerkats?

Our children are growing up in an interconnected world with incredible technological advancements and innovations, along with complex social problems. We believe that in order for them to live life to the fullest, our children should have a thorough understanding of the world they live in, what runs the world and how it is impacted by what they do.

While most of these are covered in schools as concepts and theory, they form only a part of what is required to make children successful in life, work and citizenship. We need to give our children an opportunity to understand these concepts and theories in a deeper and truer sense by connecting their understanding to the real world. They need a bridge that will help them overcome the disconnect between theory in classrooms and the real-world outside the school.

With this goal in mind, we present MeerKats, an after-school program designed to develop curiosity and excitement about learning. We believe that once a child is curious, and equipped with the skills to satisfy their curiosity, nothing can stop them from being successful.

Why meerkats

Program Structure

The MeerKats program has been designed as a 6-month after-school program as well as a vacation program. It allows the learner to traverse a series of tools, technologies and learning experiences across 6 months.

The program has been conceptualised and designed as an exploratory experience covering several knowledge areas (themes). Research shows that the following 6 themes equip the learner to be successful at life and career in the 21st century. Learn more about the themes and the curriculum HERE.

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The program curriculum has been designed for 4 age groups:

The program has also been designed to be modular and flexible in its structure. Each theme has several modules under it for the different age groups, and each module is 8 hours long. Each module can be delivered as a weekend activity, weekly after-school activity or a holiday camp.

In the first year, it is ideal for learners to go through the one module under each theme so that they get a diverse and holistic learning experience. The curriculum for the first year can be accessed HERE.

Program Structure

Sample Curricullum Structure