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Ignited Minds Challenge is open for teams from STEM partner schools to participate in. Students willing to participate should get the nominations filled in through their schools. Schools can also nominate their students.

Participating teams will have to pick a real-world problem statement for which they have to design, develop and build a working solution, followed by creating a communication artifact like a film/documentary to present the idea. The challenge requires the entirety of the participants’ analytical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as their creative, design thinking and innovation abilities to build and present the best solution.

On the day of the challenge, the team's goal is to bring out the best of their skills, together as one cohesive unit. Apart from showcasing their projects, the teams will get the opportunity to develop 21st century relevant skills through Internet of Things (IOT) and Intel Galileo.

Sample Problem Statement:

Engine Showcase Electronic Showcase DM Showcase

(This sample problem statement is only for students to get an idea of the challenge)

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