There are several rewards for everyone in this unique challenge. Not only do the students walk away with an amazing 3 day festival of innovation, design and STEM, they will also have learnt from projects of other schools, get participation certificates and goodies co-branded by Creya and Intel.

However, given that the best effort needs to be rewarded, 3 school teams will be recognised and rewarded with an iBall Tablet for each team member by the jury. The teams will be evaluated based on the below given criteria:

Depth of understanding the Problem Statement :
Demonstrate Empathy, Conduct Research, Meet Relevant Stakeholders, Define Boundaries of the problem

Day 2
Depth of the Ideation and Design granularity:
Alternatives Discussed, Approaches discarded, design considerations included, detailing documented

Day 2
Clarity of Presentation during showcase:
Presentation formats, Organization of thought process, Fluency in communication, Team cohesiveness

The three attributes mentioned above have no specific relation to the project area chosen - IT, Engineering Design, Digital Media or Social Sciences - and will purely depend on the team's commitment and calibre as judged by the jury during the showcase event.