XEL is an end-to-end solution to improve results for teachers, students and parents in a non-disruptive and seamless way.

Improves Quality of Teachers

  • Teachers are empowered with tools that will put ideas into action
  • Teachers can involve all kinds of learners in the classroom
  • Ability to transfer “Experiential Learning” and STEM education practices to the regular classrooms improves teaching standards in the school
  • Become 21st century teachers, i.e., move towards being facilitators in the classroom as opposed to just delivering content for student consumption
  • Create innovative lesson plans in the classrooms using tools available from the XEL tool kit.

Student learning is complete

  • Perform better on higher order thinking skills and application skills
  • Improved communication skills through continuous emphasis on reflection and journaling in the classroom
  • Improved English language skills, both verbal and written
  • Make connections between their core learning (subjects) and the real world leading to increased engagement levels in regular classrooms
  • Think beyond the boundaries of subjects and understand “Interdisciplinary” aspects and relationships between diverse subjects/ topics
  • Design thinking, life skills and leadership qualities for success.

School Reputation for Innovation and Leadership Improves

  • The reputation of implementing a globally proven program with implementations in over 7500 schools stands out clearly with parents
  • The manipulative sets / constructibles in the XEL Studio are high precision imported sets that stand for high quality and enable diverse range of solutions to be built
  • Improved student and teacher performance results in better reputation for the schools
  • The “Learning Studio” is a clear demonstration of the new age learning that demonstrates the high innovation and leadership quotient of the school.

Parents Feel Assured about Children’s success

  • Children show a high degree of creativity & collaboration and improved problem solving & communication skills that become noticeable to parents within a few months of introducing the XEL program at school
  • Children show an increased interest in academics resulting in an assurance for parents of their wards' academic success
  • Seeing children ready with 21st Century skills required for them to navigate beyond school into college, career and life
  • Getting actionable feedback on the children through a comprehensive assessment and reporting system.