Creya conducts unique, experiential workshops for parents, educators and children to help them understand the XEL program philosophy.

There has been a significant shift over the last century from manufacturing to emphasizing information and knowledge services. Knowledge itself is growing ever more specialized and expanding exponentially. Information and communication technology is transforming how we learn, the nature of how work is conducted and the meaning of social relationships.

Shared decision-making, information research, collaboration, innovation, and speed are essential in today’s enterprises. Only those with “21st Century” skills such as creative thinking and problem solving will have access to success.



To expose educators (teachers, principals, school owners) to a novel method of teaching-learning that lays emphasis on preparing children for success in school, college, career and life, while supporting teachers to be 21st century ready.

Workshop includes :

  1. A Session on the XEL System of Learning
  2. Hands on experience of the XEL system of learning. The teachers/ educators go through an experience similar to what children will go through in their XEL Classroom
  3. Implementation for your School
  4. XEL curriculum alignment with the School Curriculum
  5. Self reports, Assessments and Observational methods.



Students who are successful in school have parents who take the time to work with them at home and support what they are learning in school. The workshop takes parents through a presentation outlining the emerging future and gives them a look at what kind of a world their children will grow up in and what kind of attitudes, knowledge and skills are required for them to navigate this world. Presenters address the topic of how parental attitudes towards learning and/ or their children’s school or teacher may ultimately affect their children’s education.

Workshop includes :

Our Parent education workshops are designed to help them think about :

  1. What kind of future world will my children grow into?
  2. What opportunities or challenges does this future world present to my children?
  3. What kinds of attitudes, skills, and knowledge do my children need to be successful in school, college, career and life?



A workshop for Children to expose them to the XEL system of learning, using a completely “Experiential Learning” approach. It demonstrates the innovative enrichment model for 21st century learning, helping children to connect their everyday learning to the world beyond the classroom and apply that learning to solve real world problems.

Workshop includes :

Our children workshops are designed to ignite some of the innate qualities of children like critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation (the 21st Century Skills) through a hands-on experience using the child’s natural instinct to learn, play and explore.

  1. Stimulate creative instincts through invention
  2. Help children understand and utilize scientific principles through experimentation, aka the STEM way
  3. Develop tactile and co-ordination skills by building artifacts and or mockups
  4. Help develop a problem solving mindset and improve on designs (Design Thinking)
  5. Improve language & presentation skills and demonstrate the value of teamwork.
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