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3D Design & Printing

A Tool for Young Innovators

3D design is the process of using computer-modelling software to create an object within a three-dimensional space. The use of computer tools greatly eases the modelling process of complex machines, our homes, everyday things we use and even art. 3-Dimensional designing allows the creators to visualise the spatial environment with better precision which is essential for sophisticated designing. 

3D Design reduces the margin of error by removing the multiple levels of designing required in 2-D design for each real-life object thereby reducing costly mistakes which might occur when the product is being constructed in the real world. The 3D design allows experiencing the product from all views, giving them and the end user great clarity, allowing it to be improved. 

With reduced costs and the ease of designing, visualizing and converting prototypes through the use of 3D Printers has made 3D Design and Print the choice of Rapid Prototyping. For would-be innovators, this is a must-have tool that enhances the ability to see what they are designing and feel the prototype in a short time and at low costs

3D Design: Key driver of innovation in today’s world

Innovation is all about trying new possibilities and checking out if they solve a problem in a better way. The 3D design allows for sophistication with the scope for modification based on learnings and user insights. One of the keys to innovation is the ability to rapidly iterate the process of design and prototype and test. The affordable costs of input filaments or additives as they are called and the printer itself is making 3D printing affordable today to innovators and young students. 


The ability to incrementally make changes to an existing design, see its impact on how it works as part of a bigger system of components is essential in today’s world. That would be very costly if not for the ability to do a 3D Design of the object and its ecosystem and see how it affects other components. Another key to innovation is the ability to get user experience or feedback early on before going for full-scale production and 3D Printing of the objects being designed makes that easier.

3D Design : A tool to develop 21st-century skills in K12 students

Working on Creya 3D Design Projects provides school students with not just the knowledge of the latest tools of the 21st century, but also the ability to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Whether it is spatial visualization skills or the application possibilities of 3D Printing in multiple disciplines or building a missing component for another project or creating an artistic masterpiece, there is a lot students learn. 


The Creya 3D Design projects from grades 1 – 10 will push them to be creative while designing the simple shapes to complex objects in higher grades and also requires them to put in a lot of research and critically think about each aspect of design before printing. Designing and what comes out after Printing for each new project will immensely aid students to better their knowledge, along with allowing them to learn from mistakes.

3D Design: A STEM Tool for interdisciplinary real-world problem solving

Designing is essential for the building of products for almost all fields, ranging from complex architectural marvels to the most sophisticated pieces of machines making the skill of 3D design apt for interdisciplinary applications. Designing for the real world requires data from various fields, disciplines from science to technology to psychology to design and combining them as appropriate. From the mechanics of the machines to the aesthetics of buildings, the Creya 3D Design & Print Projects require the students to use skills of STEM. 


The 3D Printed object devices need to function in harmony with humans and other machines or systems teaching students to learn from every aspect of their lives and apply it back in their projects for an iterative process of making the world a better place.

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