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Internet Of Things (IoT)

Building a Smarter World.

The networking between objects from everyday household items to complex industry components involving sensors, transmitters, software allowing the exchange of data and control of these systems between devices over an internet connection is the Internet of Things (IoT).

This interaction between smart devices and systems, exchanging data to an offsite or cloud-based solution for meaningful, time-sensitive actions using components with very low energy consumption, that are simple to install and based on industry standards make our lives better. 

IoT systems make the fictional dreams of switching on the lights based on voice commands or many other actions a reality, while making machines smarter and more adept.

IoT: Key driver of innovation in today’s world
IoT systems have become vital for our world as they ease the burden of human efforts and eliminate the chance of human errors while facilitating more efficient functioning of devices and systems. IoT allows for many new and unheard-of possibilities in design to accommodate user behaviour and needs. 
As more everyday devices at home and in the industry become smart in terms of collecting information and transmitting information and being able to respond to commands from anywhere, designers, inventors and innovators can visualize and prototype complex solutions that allow for exponential innovation.
IoT: A tool to develop 21st-century skills in K12 students
Working on Creya IoT Projects provides schools students not just the knowledge of the latest tools of the 21st century, but also the ability to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
Whether it is the challenging task of identification of systems to be automated or the devices whose automation could be beneficial, the logical circuit design and the app-building for user interface are just some of the issues that the students shall face while building projects based on IoT. 
The Creya IoT projects from grades 4 – 10 will push them to be creative while the coding for automating these systems and requires them to put in a lot of research and critically think about each aspect of implementation. Testing and implementation for each new project will immensely aid students to better their knowledge, along with allowing them to learn from each other’s mistakes. 
The Internet of Things is based on the collaboration of systems for easing human effort, and in building these systems, students will get an opportunity to improve their collaboration skills.
IoT: A STEM Tool for interdisciplinary real-world problem solving
IoT systems are all about making everyday devices smarter for dealing with real-life problems ranging from industrial error elimination to the mundane cleaning of houses. All of these require data from various fields, disciplines from science to technology to psychology to design and combining them as appropriate. From the mechanics of the machines to electrical / electronics to the coding for interconnection over the network, planning for the alerts and actions for the devices, the Creya IoT Projects require the students to use skills of STEM. 
The devices need to function in harmony with humans, teaching students to learn from every aspect of their lives and applying it back in their projects for an iterative process of making the world a better place.

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