Rise Of Machines With A Mind

All around the world from our homes to offices to factories to even software companies, the one thing you can see and sometimes not see is the rise of the Robot: The machine with a mind that is doing things for us. From the mundane to the dangerous to the entertaining ones, to the faster and smarter ones, we have all kinds of robots that are filling the world around us. From cars that are autonomous to software coding tools that also behave like robots to the more familiar factory autoboots, we now have the increasingly agile and human-like robots: the humanoid robot. 
For most of us, Robotics is the pinnacle of the achievements from the field of STEM as it involves tools, technologies and understanding from multiple disciplines. It is not far from the truth if we say that every student should have a though understanding of not only how to build robots, but also to understand why they are being built.
Robotics: Key driver of innovation in today’s world

Robotics requires a leap of imagination given that we are trying to replicate parts or whole of functions and activities as to what a sentient human being would do and, in many cases, even more than what a human would do. Whether it’s the autoboots, managing the logistics in a large warehouse of amazon, a skilful surgery with very high precision or the Mars rover that is collecting samples from a planet where no human has yet landed; all these innovations are possible thanks to the exciting field of Robotics. 


Robotics is the key to innovating the use of technologies and the thought process pushing the boundaries for the betterment of human life. 

Since Robotics takes the mundane jobs away and increases more intelligent works and can command strength and agility, it allows humans to free think the application without constraints and that’s driving innovation at an exponential speed.

Robotics: A tool to develop 21st-century skills in K12 students

The Robotics Projects are what every school symbolizes with STEM and what students would love to do. Not only are Robotics projects a rich source of engagement with interesting hands-on construction and programming combinations, but they are also enriching students with problem-solving and creative thinking skills.


Whether it is hands-on construction skills, application of Science and Math, spatial visualization skills, programming the Controller, the multiple sensors and motors or the application possibilities of Robotics in multiple areas, there is a lot that students can learn. 


The Creya Robotics projects from grades 4 – 10 will push their boundaries of creativity and collaboration skills and use the design thinking cycle to create robotic models for solving real-world problems. The Robotics Projects also give solid footing tools and technologies of the 21st century that are useful irrespective of their career choice later in life. 

Robotics: A STEM Tool for interdisciplinary real-world problem solving

Robotics is the essential element in building products, ranging from complex space rovers to dancing dogs to autonomous cars to robots doing surgery; it is a field rich for interdisciplinary applications. 


Robotics for the real world requires concepts and components from various fields, disciplines from science to technology to Arts and Human psychology to design and combine them as appropriate to make a Robot that performs the task in all possible conditions without human presence or intervention. From the mechanics of the machines to Coding for the controller to the electrical sensors and motors to the aesthetics of the machine, the Creya Robotics Projects require the students to use all skills of STEM. 


The robots need to function in harmony with humans and other machines or systems teaching students to learn from every aspect of their lives and applying it back in their projects for an iterative process of making the world a better place.

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