Block Coding

Block Coding

Developing Computation Skills the fin day.

Block coding is the way of coding which utilises a system that focuses on audio-image-based visualisation of the coding that is being done. In this, the students instead of written codes drag and drop a set of instructions to control the object on their screens. This creates a better understanding for the students and drastically eases the comprehension process of coding. Block coding allows the students to learn computational skills with ease as opposed to the traditional text-based understanding of coding.

In this way of learning, students arrange a set of instructions in a particular order for the functioning of the associated imagery or sound. This instructions could be in the form of words like ‘move left, turn right’ and other similar instructions. These coding blocks each convey a different kind of instruction and allows the students to manipulate the associated imagery or audio using the blocks.

This gives them a base for later learning the written form of coding. The building of a strong base immensely aids the students in later stages when they have to perform functions utilising written codes. Examples of block coding experiences include games that are based on clicking, dragging and dropping objects and many other such associated games.

Block Coding: Key Driver of Innovation in today’s World

Block coding is essential for building the base for understanding computational skills. Block coding will allow students to gain crucial experience at a young age about coding. This audio-visual experience would increase their chances for interaction with the basic forms of the system before moving forward with the text-based coding present at a higher level.


This familiarity at a young age will make it easy in mastering the subject at an older age and would pave way for experimenting with the coding. A rapid increase in challenges driven by their experimentation with new things, will result in creating a strong base in computational skills. The challenges also requires the students to think out of the box at every stage. To move forward in the processes the students would have to find solutions, and since most answers aren’t readily available, they would have to be innovative in their solutions.


This process is essential for creating the mindset for innovative thinking. It indicates how crucial it is to have a strong base for experimentation and the creation of an innovative mindset; and block coding does just that for computational skills. It gives a strong base for students to learn, prosper and innovate, making it important for innovation in today’s world.

Block Coding: A tool to develop 21st Century Skills in K12 Students

Block coding system involves numerous instructions, mostly in written format that students can manipulate to send instructions for the audio and visual response. This process at a young age for the students is essential in better understanding each instruction as they get a response for each for their actions, providing them with better understanding.


Puzzle format and requirement of computing in each of the Block coding games creates challenges for the students in using the instructions for manipulating the audio-visually responsive objects on their screens. The challenges help them put to test their critical thinking to come up with good solutions, with in turn helps them to develop their critical thinking ability through practice.


The audio-visual cues and story-like nature of many of the block coding systems allow students to explore the features with an aspect of fun, this is vital to boost their creativity. The wide range of image and audio response features available gives them more scope to implement their creativity. This application enrich their creative thinking skills.

Block Coding: STEM Tool for Interdisciplinary real world problem solving

Any STEM tool should be excellent in building a base for students to learn the subject. This base is crucial for the students to develop more appetite for the subject and better comprehend the subject. Block coding essential does this with computational skills. It not only provides a strong base; it allows exploration and all of this with a lot of fun.


The student could virtually learn about anything through the basic block coding system, they get audio-visual cues that are crucial for learning better. They can also solve the real-world puzzles in the comfort of their seats. This huge scope of exploration and understanding make block coding unique as it is mainly for students at a younger age. These qualities of block coding make it an essential STEM tool.

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