App Development

App Development

A Tools for Young Innovators

From infant toddlers to ageing grandparents, everyone loves and uses multiple Apps every day. In fact, some of them have become an integral part of our lives that we don’t even imagine life without them, for example, the calendaring app for a busy executive or the learning app for a school student. The increased computing power in our internet-enabled smartphones and tablets ensured the proliferation of Apps for both individual users and enterprises. 

From requiring deep programming language expertise, today many tools help people with ideas to be able to create apps on the fly to test their ideas and build businesses. Given the ubiquity of Apps and the ease with which one can get started with simple Apps and go on to develop further as users increase has made Apps the perfect tool for innovative disruption. Take for example, a simple app like Uber has disrupted the entire car ownership and sales industry. 

Apps are the perfect tools for combining a user need, design and technology for solving pressing problems of the world of entertainment, making App development a must-have skill for every aspiring innovator. 

App Development: Key driver of innovation in today’s world

Apps have not only disrupted many long-established, but inefficient business models, but also democratised access of information and services to those who need it and when they need it and anywhere at an affordable cost. Whether it is managing vaccination drives or getting a car for a ride or finding the best video lessons for a topic, Apps answer every need in the best possible way. 


The ability of Apps for being able to be built and managed with ease, being able to run on small processing devices like simple smartphones and not big computers and above all, the interactivity that allows kids, grown-ups, educated and not so educated to be able to operate them has made them the lynchpin of modern-day innovation toolkit.


Apps also can be easily refined with more adoption and collection of user insights making them power evolving tools for any need. Innovation is all about trying new possibilities and checking out if they solve a problem in a better way and Apps make that possible. The simplicity of App Development without the need to know complex programming is making App Development affordable and accessible today to innovators and young students.

App Development : A tool to develop 21st-century skills in K12 students

App Development begins with understanding a specific problem or opportunity, and that begins with a deep empathy for the world around us. The use of tools to design the flow of an App requires critical thinking skills, while the user interface design allows for creative expression balanced with constraints of the technology and the devices like phones or tablets on which it needs to run. 

The understanding of the users for whom the App is targeted, and then building one for them in terms of sophistication or simplicity is an opportunity for students to tackle a real-world problem in all its dimensions and become future entrepreneurs.


Working on Creya App Development projects, students get to understand and apply skills of design, logical thinking, flow charts, user interfaces and coding. The Creya App Development projects for students of grades 1 – 10 lay the foundation for essential 21st century such as problem-solving and creative thinking. 


Students have to collaborate and communicate not just among themselves but also with the users of their App through their App interface. This drives them to find innovative solutions, providing the best context for students in schools to develop all essential skills of empathy, design, coding and risk-taking.

App Development: A STEM Tool for interdisciplinary real-world problem solving

App Development is the core for building Solutions for almost all fields that deals with the end consumer of any service, ranging from medical appointments to checking your home security or stock trading or remembering to exercise and track your health.  App Development is truly at the intersection of interdisciplinary problem solving, requiring an understanding of human psychology, society and the economy for which the App is being developed. Hence information and insights from various fields, disciplines from science to technology to psychology to design need to be combined appropriately. 


From developing Apps that can create simple music, to those that can carry out surveys that help take business decisions, the Creya App Development Projects require the students to use skills of STEM, Coding, Algorithmic Thinking and disciplinary knowledge from diverse fields. The Apps developed need to interact with humans and systems teaching students to learn from every aspect of their lives and applying it back in their projects for an iterative process of making the world a better place.

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