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Bridging the divide between STEM and STEAM

Digital Media and Arts is the intersection of the world of Language & Arts with the technologies and tools of the 21st-century world. The ability to conceptualize, communicate and express in as many forms as possible is an essential element even if it means working in the field of traditional STEM. Digital media, video and audio editing and production along with scriptwriting, storyboarding and animation are what brings balance to the field of Science and Arts. A truly integrative STEM has always included the integration of Languages Arts into the STEM Projects.

Digital Media & Arts: Key driver of innovation in today’s world

Our world has transitioned into the digital age, where many products created are digital in nature itself. Even if there are physical products, the products are not complete without some component of digital services around them.


Entertainment and Advertising have completely moved online. So with everything in terms of expression, communication and arts moving digital, many innovations have become possible whether it is art gallery displays using holographic displays or using live streaming on Facebook for your drama play. 


Digital Media allows for new possibilities of creating and communicating and interacting at a speed like never before and hence gives the required insights for innovation. The need for quality content, the drive to capture this newfound digital space has made the digital media and arts crucial for innovation.

Digital Media & Arts: A tool to develop 21st-century skills in K12 students

The digital media and art industry requires the individual to adjust, innovate and produce quality content as appropriate for the medium and the target audience. Working on Creya Digital Media Projects provides schools students not just the knowledge of the latest tools of the 21st century but also the ability to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Whether it is storyboarding, scriptwriting or articulation or acting skills there is a lot for students to learn. 


The Creya Digital Media projects from grades 1 – 10 will push them to be creative while the numerous challenges at each step, whether it is advertising or documentary or animation or a presentation for the medium of internet and all these challenges are a means for them to learn leadership, risk-taking and initiative apart from problem-solving skills. All these projects also involve a high level of collaboration and communication ensuring those skills are honed.

Digital Media & Arts: A STEM Tool for interdisciplinary real-world problem solving

The Creya Digital Media and Arts projects provide an opportunity for bringing in concepts from disciplines and not just language & arts. Whether it is History or geography or sports, the projects are designed for you to apply what you have learned in other disciplines. 


From design to aesthetics to psychology, one needs to bring many different aspects in the process of creating a work of digital media & arts. With the use of the various tools and technologies, the Creya Digital Media & Arts projects truly bring the A into STEM making it a STEAM project.

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